Hidden Cat Litter Box

My Husband and I are pretty much all moved in.  We officially close on Wednesday (tomorrow) and just have a few more little things to grab from the old house.  I’m really pleased with how the new house is coming together (even if it is a rental).  I was a little picky about the things i hung and the decor i brought it since our plan is to only be in this place for the next 9 months.  The less work/moving in 9 months the better! It’s crazy to think that we’ve lived in Cali almost three years and moved three times already… I’m kind of a pro at this point.

About a week ago I woke up in a panic stressing about where I was going to put Lou (our kitty’s) litter box.  He is SO messy.  He literally tracks his litter everywhere, and for some reason he likes to play in the Litter… SO GROSS!! I literally lost sleep over stressing where on earth i was going to put his litter box.  I started researching some hidden litter box ideas, and came with up with this IKEA storage hack to hide the litter box.  I found a lot of cute tutorials online.

I made a trip to ikea and purchased the GABBIG storage basket for $59.99.  You can purchase it here.  gabbig-storage-box-brown__0506330_PE634479_S4

I added some left over carpet to the bottom of the basket, that way some of the litter will collect on that inside of the storage basket and NOT all over my floors.  With a hack saw we cute a square  just big enough to fit the kitty.  There are a couple spots that seem a little sharp, so just going over those areas with a hot glue gun will give those areas a rubber feeling instead. So far I love that the litter box is hidden in plain sight and no one even knows its a litter box, except the cat.  By the way LOU loves his litter box and that it’s so private and spacious.


IMG_6876 IMG_6878 IMG_6879 IMG_6880 IMG_6882 IMG_6883IMG_6880





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