DIY Wood Accent Table

This past weekend my husband and I had a day date, building an accent table to match the wood coffee table we built last weekend.  If you missed the blog post you can read about it here…  I found the original coffee table tutorial on Pinterest a while back and my husband and I created a side table to match.  We LOVE the way our living room looks and how much more uniform it looks now that it has matching furniture and not a bunch of random pieces everywhere.  We built it pretty much the same way as the coffee table.  The only difference was that we didn’t need the support piece in the middle, since the table was small enough. You can find the original coffee table blog post here.

When we went to Lowes for the wood for the coffee table the guy working in the cutting department was really nice and made all of our cuts right there for us.  However we weren’t so fortunate when we went back for the accent table.  The employee wasn’t very friendly, and told us he would only do a couple cuts.  We needed up just leaving and did all the cuts at home.  On the plus side I got to use my new Ryobi Miter Saw. In case you’re wondering… I loved it.  It wasn’t giant and heavy, it was easy to use, and the cuts looks perfect.

Here’s how you make the accent table…

Cut list:

3- 2×6’s top width to equal 17″ across

8- 2×2’s that are 15″ in length

4- 2×2’s that are 17′ in length



miter saw


Special Walnut stain

Ebony Stain

20 Wood Screws #8 2.5″ screws




We followed the original blog post by screwing in each of the 2×2’s together to build the frame, and we added the stained “special walnut” wood on type.  You can screw those in from the bottom so the screws are completely hidden.


we painted first before adding the top pieces on.


IMG_6851 IMG_6854 IMG_6857 IMG_6858 IMG_6859 IMG_6861 IMG_6864 IMG_6865


Loving the furniture in the living room!!









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