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A few weekends ago my Sister came to visit during her spring break (She’s a teacher).  My sister Samantha has her own apartment where she has been busy decorating it and turning into her home.  Since she was coming to stay for an entire week, and she knows how much I love to craft, she decided to bring a project with her.  She’s been looking for a cute storage bench to put in her bathroom and with no luck, she decided to just make on herself.

This project was under $100.  We bought our crates at Lowe’s.  However, You can find crates at hobby lobby for cheaper and with a coupon.

here’s how its done:


3- wood crates

2- 1x8x6ft board

4- small table legs

Wood screws 8×1-1/4inch box of 100

brackets to screw in the legs

white paint

stain of choice


-First, we started by painting the three wood crates white.  You don’t need to paint every side white, just the sides that will be showing.

-Next, we stained the top of the board with a dark wood stain.  (side note… it took FOREVER to dry in this Humid cali climate…)

-Next, we screwed the crates together side by side.  We used for screws on each side.  You can see the screw spots below. We used a total of 8 screws to attach the crates.  we kept the nails on the inside of the crate so they looked uniform and it would be harder to see the screws.

Once the painted crates were all attached, we screwed in the wood boards.  We screwed the top dark stained board on from the inside so that you couldn’t see the screws sitting on the top of the board.



For the bottom board, we painted this white to blend in and we screwed it in from the white board side since you wouldn’t see the bottom anyways.

Next, Attach the hardware for the legs you can purchase those here:

Final step,

paint the legs white, and attach them to the bottom of the bench!

What do you think? That cat might be cuter than the bench…

Shout out to my sister for the creative idea!!




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