Coming Soon-We’re Moving

In case you were wondering Why I have been MIA the past few weekends, it’s because I’ve been trying to get my house ready to be put on the market.  As well as weekends being spent looking for a new home. That’s right.. We’re moving.

I’m really excited to share my story with you and why we decided to move after almost two years of living in our first home together in beautiful Orange County.

My husband Jordan and I moved into our first home here in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA in June of 2015.  This house was our baby and very close to our hearts.  It was our first home that we purchased together, and it was a new build.  We spent the next 6 months after we purchased it watching it get built frame for frame.  Sometimes we would drive to the neighborhood at night just to see the progress, and take long walks around the neighborhood dreaming about how life would be once we moved in.  a month before our move in we got to pick out all of the finishings for the house.  I chose the flooring, kitchen cabinets and countertops, backsplash, bathrooms, wall colors, and so much more.  I knew exactly what I wanted my home to look like.  I also knew that this wasn’t going to be our forever home, so I spent time choosing details that would eventually have good resale value.

It was finally move in day and we got to see all of our furniture in our new home.  The next few months and year were spent doing projects on the weekends to add personal handmade touches to the home.  I invested a lot of time! You can see from all of my blog posts!! We are so incredibly thankful for the friends and neighbors and community that this home has given us, and we will always cherish the amazing memories that we’ve made here in our first home.

Jordan and I have family that we are very close with who live in the Vista, Carlsbad, and San Diego area.  We would often drive to San Diego County to visit, and one day when we were exploring homes there for fun we realized how much we love the area and how much more affordable the housing is. A few months later I really started praying about it and asking God to guide my husband and I in the right directions.  That he would open doors that are meant to be opened and close doors that are meant to be closed. A week or so later I was reading my emails at work and noticed an internal posting for a new office for my Company opening in Carlsbad, CA.  I started asking questions and next thing I knew my husband and I are planning to move to Carlsbad so I can transfer and help start up a new office. I also applied for a different job within the company that would be more operations based. I still haven’t heard any news, but prayers are appreciated.  I know that if it’s meant to be God will open doors for me and if it isn’t he will close them! Our house posting for a coming soon listing was officially posted this afternoon.  (you can see the posting here) It was a bitter sweet feeling seeing that for sale sign in front of our home.  But I’m extremely excited for the adventures ahead and the plans that the Lord has for me! Thank you to everyone of you for your support.

Oh… and you better believe we will be looking for a fixer… the blog posts will keep coming, but they may be slim for the next few months while were looking for our new home! I’m also somewhat in panic mode that our home is going to sell real fast, and we will be without a home for a few months!! ahhhhh!!!!!

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