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Big Announcement: Coming Soon

Hi DIY lovers,


Life has been a bit hectic since our move to Carlsbad, CA.  We Finally got all moved into the new condo (pics coming soon), getting situated into work, trying to keep up with blogging, and now some even more exciting news…. trying to startup a new wedding business called Modest & Made (details on what that means coming soon) with Ashley Frank (my Cousin’s wife) who is also my soul sista.  Stay tuned to find out what kind of business it is and more about my new partner in crime, that will feature a guest blog post. She’s pretty amazing and has a heart for DIY and crafts just like myself. She’s a woman of many talents and skills, and as my dad always says “It’s great to have friends with skills.” Read more…

March 3, 2017

DIY Magnolia Wreath

Wow…. life has been hectic. Between trying to sell our first home, find a new one, start a new job, and quite a bit of traveling, open houses every weekend, life has been hectic.  And, Just for the record… No, our home has not sold yet. I don’t recommend putting your house on the market right before Thanksgiving.  The holidays are the WORST time to sell.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have much choice with our timing since I’m relocating for work in just 2 weeks. My husband and I also found exactly where we want to live.  Unfortunately, it’s over our budget. So, we’ve decided to rent for 6-9 months while we save up some more money, so we can live in our dream neighborhood and buy a fixer upper.  In the meantime, our goal is to find a pretty condo with an ocean view. We may have found the place, but we need our home to sell first.  Everyone send us your positive vibes and prayers!!!

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January 1, 2017

Coming Soon-We’re Moving

In case you were wondering Why I have been MIA the past few weekends, it’s because I’ve been trying to get my house ready to be put on the market.  As well as weekends being spent looking for a new home. That’s right.. We’re moving.

I’m really excited to share my story with you and why we decided to move after almost two years of living in our first home together in beautiful Orange County.

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November 20, 2016

First Vintage Market

It’s October! Can you believe it? This is by far my favorite season, and my favorite time to decorate the house.  Fall leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, wood signs, orange and brown, did I say pumpkins everywhere, and a time to be thankful.  I LOVE IT.  As many of you know yesterday (Saturday October 1st) was my first official market, where I sold lots of my handmade items and refurbished antique style furniture.  I was SO excited about it that I could Barely breathe.  On my way to the market I told my husband I felt like I was going to throw up.  (like the feeling you used to get before a really big sports game you were about to play in.) Well that was me…. This has been on my mind for a long time, and ever since I started blogging two years ago, it’s been a dream of mine. it’s been a long time comin’.

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October 2, 2016

DIY Rustic Wood Frame

Happy Sunday!  As many of you read last week, I posted my living/dining room reveal! I was extremely excited to share this with you, seeing as how it’s been a year in the making.  I’m currently getting ready to tackle the upstairs guest bathroom. In the mean time, I wanted to share how I Made my rustic wood frame that was featured in my dining room. It’s the art hiding in the background of the photo. The frame was super easy, and the artwork is from my Etsy shop! Read more…

July 18, 2016

Table Makeover

Today has been the best day ever! I finally had the opportunity for a little R&R.  It was much needed.  Gym, big watch fixer upper, a little house cleaning.  It was wonderful.  This weekend I will be running in the ACT Today walk for kiddos with Autism.  I’m super excited to be participating in my first 5k this weekend with my fellow ABA therapists in San Diego.  Anyways… since I will be at that this weekend, I decided to give myself a day off. Like I said….it was much needed. So today I finally had the chance to tackle my blog.  I feel like there is just not enough hours in the day anymore, so I love when I get the chance to sit down and blog.

Last weekend I tackled my round kitchen table.  It honestly didn’t NEED a makeover.  However, it really didn’t match the rest of my house.  The table was a dark Mahogany color, and the rest of my house is a walnut color.  So i started sanding it down, and I retained it my favorites Rustoleum color… Can you guess it? “Special Walnut” as always! I’m really excited about how it turned out.  But i’ll be honest it was REALLY hard to sand the rounded small edges.  Not pleased with the small edge of the table.  I guess it looks “rustic.” My next purchase will be some floor length white chair covers to go over the tan chairs! Let me know what you think it the comments below!

IMG_5943 IMG_5944 IMG_5946 IMG_5948 IMG_5950

IMG_5922  IMG_5917 IMG_5902





April 27, 2016

Kitchen Reveal

Today I am excited to share our Kitchen reveal with you!  There’s definitely a few things I would still love to add… mostly just some cute galvanized lettering that spells out “KITCHEN” to go above our cabinets.  I almost have all of the letters but I’m missing two and Micheal’s has been sold out for months… matter of fact I don’t know if they even sell it anymore…. (sad day).  Anyways… for our somewhat small kitchen I decided to go with all white countertops in Cesar Stone and all white cabinets! The whites make it look way brighter down stairs and really open up the kitchen, making it appear much larger than it actually is!  We have a large open sink, and  beautiful stainless steal appliances.  ( I love having a double oven!)

Our adorable bar stools were purchased from Target.  And the rustic farmhouse style pendant lights were ordered from Home Depot. (They also sell them on Amazon.) The shelves were kind of DIY project (you can see the post HERE. The brackets were IKEA and the wood was Home Depot and stained to match the rest of the house! 🙂

The jute rug is IKEA!

Lots of the cute little nick backs, like the flour jars and woven baskets are thrift store finds!  Overall, I love the way my kitchen turned out.  The only thing I somewhat regret is the white countertops.  They get SO messy SO easily. I swear I spend all day wiping those things down.  Luckily they are easy to clean and the Cesar stone is very durable, not mention they look beautiful , but I think next time I will go with a dark gray almost cement color for countertops! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

IMG_5875 IMG_5882 IMG_5886 IMG_5888 IMG_5894 IMG_5889IMG_5898-3 IMG_5899-2 IMG_5900 IMG_5901




April 10, 2016

Create a Feature Wall

My Master bedroom is Almost done! I can’t wait for the room reveal.  I finally had the chance to create a feature wall in our Master.  I debated back and fourth between wallpaper and paint for almost a month.  Finally I decided to go with a dark brownish tan paint color. It was stressful trying to choose, I wanted the wall to really pop, but I did’t want it to overwhelm the room.  I figured if I went with wall paper there might be one too many patterns/textures going on in the room, and paint would offer a more subtle look. As my husband and I were painting it I started to have a bit of a panic attack.  It was SO dark.  I’m a light and bight, neutrals kinda girl, and this was bold and dark.  (ahhh!!!!) I realized the reason it looked extra dark was because the sun had gone down by the time the room was done, and it definitely made the color appear darker.  The next morning when I woke up and looked at the wall with the lights on, and windows open I was so much happier.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  YAY!

The trick to creating an accent wall is to choose a light and bright color for all the walls in your room except for one! the accent wall should be something that will feature a focal point, like a bed, tv, fireplace, ect. For that one wall you want to feature you should choose a bold color or pattern that will accent all of the other features in your room!  Check out how mine turned out.

IMG_5602-2IMG_5600-2IMG_5617-2IMG_5611-2IMG_5599-3 IMG_5603-2 IMG_5606-2 IMG_5607-2 IMG_5608-2
What do you think??




January 16, 2016

DIY Rustic Wall Sign

This is one of my favorite DIY projects to date.  I’ve really been having some sign envy after I saw the huge “Super Market” sign in Joanna Gaines’ home from “Fixer Upper.”



I had an extra piece of wood in my garage, and a wall that was in need of some rustic decor.  I decided to make my own Rustic Farmhouse sign.  The process was simple and cost me nothing! I already had the paint and wood laying around.  You could use any size wood you would like. I also used some stencils for the letters that i had laying around the house.  I ended up going back over the letters with a small paint brush to make the font look a little better.

Here’s how you make it…

First, Paint your wood a dark color.  I chose a dark gray Sating spray paint from Rostoleum.  I found this at Home depot.



Next, I painted over the wood with a white satin wall paint called “Swiss Coffee.”

Once the paint dried I laid out my stencils and painted the letters with a faded black acrylic paint.  I mixed black with a little bit of gray and white to make the black look a little softer.

Then, with my finger I rubbed the dark gray paint  (same as the base color) over the edges of the wood and in the corners to give it the weathered, rustic look.

My last step was to hang two “Ooks” on the back and attach it to the wall.

IMG_4462IMG_4458 IMG_4456

IMG_4459 IMG_4461


I chose for my sign to say “Ranch House” since we technically live on a ranch.

What do you think of the outcome?

Share some of your favorite Sign DIY projects in the comments below





July 17, 2015

DIY Farmhouse Window

Old Windows are becoming a huge accent piece in lots of homes. Some people may get lucky and be able to find windows in the dumpster, or at an old barn, or maybe even find someone selling them for a great price. Check out some of these inspiration photos! They look beautiful!




I’ve had the vision of finding a large 9 pane window to use as an accent piece for my new house, however…. I have not been so lucky finding any for a good price. Here in So Cal there are not many opportunities to stumble upon vintage paned windows. I’ve found a few people on craigslist who sell, but they are EXPENSIVE, I’m talking 40 bucks expensive for “small” windows. I was starting to get discouraged when I decided to just make my own faux window.

This process was very simple and I love the way it turned out.


I actually bought a large wooden open frame window from Hobby Lobby, and used my 60% off coupon.  I think I ended up paying $10-15 for the frame.

IMG_4209 IMG_4211

I also bought some round wood “sticks” from Michaels for very cheap.  Four of them only cost me $2.50 total. You can see the picture below to better envision what they look like.



This frame actually had a little area on the back where my sticks could be glued easily.  I glued 2 of the sticks on with a hot glue gun and had them going horizontal. I measured the other 2 sticks, and I actually just had to break the sticks in the right spot.  Not cutting or sawing necessary!

IMG_4213 IMG_4215


After the glue dried, my last step was to spray paint it a flat white.  I love the way the spray paint looks over the wood.  It really gives the “window” character.

IMG_4218 IMG_4219IMG_4223This is just a temporary spot, My house is actually in boxes right now… We move in 1 week! (AHHHH) But stay tuned to see how I use it as a decor piece in our home.





June 4, 2015