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Ikea Hack

Hidden Cat Litter Box

My Husband and I are pretty much all moved in.  We officially close on Wednesday (tomorrow) and just have a few more little things to grab from the old house.  I’m really pleased with how the new house is coming together (even if it is a rental).  I was a little picky about the things i hung and the decor i brought it since our plan is to only be in this place for the next 9 months.  The less work/moving in 9 months the better! It’s crazy to think that we’ve lived in Cali almost three years and moved three times already… I’m kind of a pro at this point. Read more…

February 21, 2017

IKEA Floating Shelves

Uhmm…. Where did the weekend go? I completely ran out of time this weekend to post my usual Sunday post.. So here we are, and Monday is almost over (Yay, am I right?)  My newest project has been to tackle my boring upstairs guest bathroom, and in about 2 weekends the reveal is coming!! SO excited to share it with you all.  I added some IKEA (kinda) floating shelves to above the toilet, for storage and a rustic look.  I purchased 2 packs of the silver Ekeby brackets, which came in a pack of two.  These were about $10 for each pack.  IKEA does have shelves that fit perfectly in there, and I made the mistake of buying them.  They were also $10 each.  However I realized quickly that they were not stainable, and I wasn’t in love with the color. So I took them back and purchased some wood from home depot.  The wood doesn’t fit perfectly but it definitely works.  I paid $7 total for my wood. I also purchased some textured black spray paint from Home Depot for $6 and I painted the silver brackets black to give them a farmhouse look. I stained my wood in.. take a guess…. Special Walnut from Rustoleum.  (I really need to venture out more).

Read more…

August 16, 2016

DIY Framed Wood Mirror

This past weekend my project was framing this super cheap IKEA mirror.  This mirror cost $10 at ikea, and the wood cost $10 at home depot.  Making this beautiful frame cost a total of $30 with stain and liquid nails.

I’m so CLOSE to finishing my master bedroom I can hardly stand it.  I have one last project left, and then its time for the official room reveal.  (Woohoo!)

Back to this tutorial, Heres. how it done.  first you need to purchase the mirror at ikea.  be super careful while transporting it and working with it.  It’s very fragile.  unforunetly we had to buy a second because our first one cracked :(… Huge bummer.

Total cost: $25-$30 for this IKEA Minde HACK

Ikea mirror-1IMG_5628-2

once you have the mirror you will need to purchase wood from home depot and have them cut it, or you can cut it at home.

Here’s what I used:

1x6x8 board cut at 14″ (need 2)

1x6x8 board cut at 54″ (need 2)

My next step was to line them up and staple them together with a stable gun like the photo below…


Next I flipped the frame over and started staining it.  I used “Rostoleum Weathered Gray” for the first coat and “Rustoleum Special Walnut” for the second coat.

IMG_5644 After the stain dried, my last step was to flip the frame over and add liquid nails around the edge.  Carefully place the frame on top and let it dry.  It needs to dry for at least 48 hours, so leave it in a safe place.

To hang it I added 2 OOKs to the back of the wood and hung it on the wall.  You can purchase a pack of OOKS from Home Depot.

Here was my finished project.

IMG_5667-2IMG_5674-3IMG_5671-2 IMG_5669-2 IMG_5670-2



January 25, 2016

Rast Ikea Hack

Today I’m sharing this awesome Rast Ikea Hack.  Now, I know there are TONS of these Rast Hacks out there to look at…BUT this one is really really easy, it looks like high end furniture, and the best part is you can make it for $45.  You can even make two matching nightstands (like I did in this post) for under $90.

rast dresser hack

There’s only four main steps to this tutorial…

    1. Buy the ikea Rast Dresser.  You can purchase it here.
    2.  Put it together following the directions. (just don’t add the wood handles that it comes with.)
    3. stain it with a stain color of your choice. (I chose Rustoleum’s “Weathered Gray” stain.) If you want to seal it you can with a polyurethane. ( I don’t like to use these because it changes the color of the stain.
    4. Add some new hardware.  I chose these….

Here’s how mine turned out…

IMG_5581 IMG_5582 IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5586IMG_5588 IMG_5589-2IMG_5594 IMG_5595 IMG_5596


YOUR DONE! this is so easy and super customizable. Let me see your IKEA RAST hacks in the comments!





January 2, 2016

DIY Wall Shelves

My latest Project were these beautiful wall shelves! I’ve been trying to decide what should go above the area where my backsplash suddenly ends…. After watching my FAVORITE show Fixer Upper, I noticed Joanna Gaines had these really beautful wall shelves in her kitchen next to her uppers. So,  I of course decided to make my own. This project cost me less than $10 for each shelf.  I had some left over wood from my wood headboard project that I posted last week, You can read about it by clicking here.  I used the left over wood for the shelf part, and I of course stained it my favorite stain color “Special Walnut.” Once the stain was dried my husband and I installed these black IKEA shelving hardware.  These were only $4 EACH!!! Click here to purchase the Ekeby Valter shelving brackets. Such a good deal, and they really matched all of the other furniture in our living room.  I love the way it ties every thing together!



IMG_1002.JPG 2

IMG_5524-2IMG_5525-2IMG_5527-2IMG_5498-2 IMG_5504-2 IMG_5509-2 IMG_5511-2

My husband also wanted a shelf in our master bathroom.  The black wood didn’t quite match the color scheme in the master bath, So we went with the Ekeby Valter shelves in “birch.” You can purchase those here.  I ended up painting those a white wash color to match our master bedroom, and I painted the shelf in my second favorite stain color “Weathered Gray.”

IMG_5531-3 IMG_5534-2


What do you think of this super easy DIY?



December 7, 2015

DIY Vintage Ikea Dresser

A few days ago I posted about my Ikea shelf makeover (see the post here)… I really loved the idea of it, but I started losing sleep trying to decide if the color will look right in our new guest room. Since we are not moved in yet I’m having to just picture all the furniture and colors in my head and decide if they will mesh well together.
My design so far is to have a black wrought iron day bed, with a white quilt, a weathered gray desk, a small shabby chic night stand (click here to see night stand post), and this blue distressed dresser.  I’m calling it my Eclectic room.  Lot’s of mix matched furniture.  However, this blue dresser was supposed to be the item that pulls all of the colors together, and the color with the white distressed corners underneath was just not doing it for me.  It looked perfect for a nursery. I decided to go over the corners and front faces of the drawers with black chalk spray paint.  I then added two more coats of the blue “SERENE” chalk paint from Americana. I sanded the corners down and I am in love with the way it turned out.  It’s hard to tell in the photo but it actually has a vintage/antique look to it.  There’s white and black showing through the blue paint, and I think it will really tie all of the different colors in the room together. What do you think of the final outcome?





April 20, 2015

Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

My husband and I officially got the call that our house will be closing in 60 days. This is super exciting, but means its time to start going through our stuff and packing.  I have a few more furniture projects I would like to complete before move.  A few days ago I had the morning off and decided to tackle the dirty white dresser project.

About a year ago I bought a wood dresser from IKEA and painted it a glossy white color.  It looked pretty for a while, but the white got SO DIRTY.  There were stains on it that I could not clean off for the life of me.  I’ve been pretty interested in chalk paint lately, so I decided to give it a try.  I went to home depot and purchased the Americana Chalky finish paint, and wax.
I am a HUGE fan of the chalk paint.  The best part is that you can skip the sanding step. (wewwww, saves you a good hour of time!)  Unfortunately, in the Home Depot store they didn’t have every color available in the Americana Collection.  I chose the color, which was a little lighter than I wanted.  I actually ended up adding a little bit of a navy blue acrylic paint to the mix, to tint the color a little.
First, I removed the hardware and painted about 3 coats onto the dresser.  Once the paint dried, I sanded down the edges, I pushed a little harder on the corners and lines of the dresser so the white underneath would show through (this gave it a shabby chic look).  After the sanding I added the wax painted/rubbed it into the dresser.  The wax was WAY easier than painting a wood sealer.  I LOVED. I will definitely be using the chalk paint again.
What do you think of the outcome?  I can’t wait to put it in the new guest room when we move!!
The dresser wasn’t “bad” to begin with. However, I wanted to save money on furniture for the new house, so I decided to up-cycle this dresser to make it match the new guest bedroom. The hardware was purchased from ikea.
Before Pics:


During the painting process:










April 15, 2015