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Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I’m ecstatic to only have three days of work this week! (Happy dance).. I’m also excited to share my top 5 favorite Thanksgiving tablescapes.  I wish I had my own creative center piece to share with you this year, but unfortunately I have yet to have had the chance to host a thanksgiving dinner.  My hope is that next year I will finally get the chance to host.  (yeah I know… Says no one ever…) But I really do! I love hosting and having family and friends over.  It makes my heart happy to see everyone together doing life. Read more…

November 20, 2016

Follow Friday (LizMarieBlog)

As of today I am joining in on the Follow Friday blog trend.  Every Friday I plan to pick out one of my favorite bloggers, and share a few of my favorite posts by them!  This week I’m starting out with LizMarieBlog.

She is an amazing blogger, and I love the way she relates with her readers by sharing snippets of her life.  Her posts are very entertaining and her decor and diy tips are absoutely to die for.  She has a unique shabby chic style mixed with rustic and vintage decor.  She loves mixing textures
and she uses lots of light colors, which I really love.  Be sure to check out her blog here.
Here’s a few of my favorite posts:

1.DIY Antique Head Board:
She includes a diy tutorial for using old window pane’s as a headboard.  I love the shabby chic style this gives to a room.  This post has actually inspired me to buy some old window panes and dress up my new house when we move!  Check out her awesome tutorial here.

2. DIY TV Console:
In this post LizMarieBlog shares a tutorial on how to make a rustic tv console.  She has such a simple tutorial that even a beginner could make this tv console. Not only is the tv stand cute, she dresses all of her furniture up in such an amazing way. I love looking at her photos for inspiration. You can check out her blog post here.

3. Spring Guest Room:
My final favorite (even though they are all amazing).  Since spring is in the air it is so fun to see the way everyone chooses to decorate their homes.  I love her mixture of Easter Decor, and spring flowers to make this room really pop! I love it.  Check out her super cute Spring Guest room here.

Stay tuned on Fridays for more of my favorite bloggers!
March 27, 2015