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Hi DIY lovers,


Life has been a bit hectic since our move to Carlsbad, CA.  We Finally got all moved into the new condo (pics coming soon), getting situated into work, trying to keep up with blogging, and now some even more exciting news…. trying to startup a new wedding business called Modest & Made (details on what that means coming soon) with Ashley Frank (my Cousin’s wife) who is also my soul sista.  Stay tuned to find out what kind of business it is and more about my new partner in crime, that will feature a guest blog post. She’s pretty amazing and has a heart for DIY and crafts just like myself. She’s a woman of many talents and skills, and as my dad always says “It’s great to have friends with skills.” We’re out on a mission to follow our dreams, and we really believe that anything is possible with the Lord on our side guiding us.  I truly feel that time and time again when I spend time praying and in the word, He keeps brining one word to mind… “Go.” So we’ve decided to do just that and we are going for it.  So far we’ve had so much support from friends and family, and I am stoked to share more with you!

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Also-  There will be some changes to the blog, I’m going to be changing the name of the blog to match our new business where we can blog about DIY wedding decor, home decor, and DIY projects that we do.  Yes, I said WE which means Ashley is going to be helping with the blog, which hopefully means more posts for you all to read more regularly.

Ultimately this blog will still have the same type of content just even more for everyone to enjoy!




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