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These past few weeks have been Crazayyyy over here.  I think my husband and I have had people in town just about every weekend for the past month.  This past weekend was our first one that we didn’t have any big plans consuming our time.  So I of course decided to tackle my headboard project.  Although I made a really cool tufted fabric headboard a few years ago, I decided I wanted something bigger.  I’m working on a feature wall in our master bedroom and I thought an oversized statement headboard would help do the trick.


you guys…. I know I always say this, but it was seriously so easy! it took me 45 minutes, and It turned out WAY better than expected.

here’s my shopping list:

-Flat White Spray paint

  • 5  1x8x10 (cut to 76 in. for a King sized headboard, I cut mine for free at Home Depot)
  • 2  2x4x8 (cut to 65 in. tall)
  • 2 “OOKs”  ( I had some left over from another project.  I recommend buying the big pack they always come in handy.)
  • Some screws (about 20)(Preferably wood screws, I used whatever I had in my garage.)
  • 2-4 bolts and nuts

Total cost was $70

Here’s how I did it….

make sure you measure the heigh of your bed, and where the brackets on the bed frame are. I chose to do a really tall headboard, so I measured 65 inches tall.

I laid my 5 1x8s flat on the floor, and then set my 2x4s flat on top like you see in the photo.  I began screwing in my screws to each board. With my left over wood from the 2x4s I added some supports to the middle of the headboard.



Next,  I spray painted the headboard white, and then added some white touch up paint as a second coat to make sure it was nice and even.


As we were attaching the wood pieces to the bedroom where the headboard goes, we noticed the headboard was VERY heavy and kind of titled forward.  I added one OOk to the top of each 2×4 and secured it to the wall.


Here’s the final results! So pretty.  My next project for this room is to paint that wall feature wall behind the bed a medium tan/taupe color.  This will really make that white headboard pop!


Let me know what you think in the comments below!




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    Reply john wade

    Love it and i will be doing this this weekend because i have been looking for ideals Thanks

    February 1, 2017 at 11:51 am
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