2017 Bathroom Trends

2017 is officially in full swing.  I’ve seriously been going non-stop since January 1st, and I don’t know about you guys…but I feel like I’m just now coming up for some air.   with home renovations close on my mind, I’ve been researching some 2017 bathroom trends, and I thought I would share some of my findings with you all!  Here are my top 5 favorite bathroom trends to look out for in 2017.

  1. Traditional Country Style

Wood is definitely going to be a theme n 2017, from natural wood cabinets, plank walls, board and batten accent pieces, to rustic wood beams in the bathroom. A traditional country style bathroom is already all the hype, and will continue to be popular throughout 2017. although the rustic style is HUGE right now, always take time to choose your pieces that reflect you and the type of home you own.  This will ensure the bathroom stays timeless and does’t go out of style when the new decade (2020) rolls around. This wood themed bathroom is pretty amazing and gives me all the heart eyes.  4-The-Bathroom-Shop_23913942_138894511

2. Statment Pieces in the Bathroom

I’m pretty excited about this bathroom trend, because anyone can easily add a statement piece to the bathroom they currently already have.  A statement piece should be bold.  This could mean a fun patterned rug, to a stool with a pop of color, lighting that attracts the eye, wall paper the stands out, a fun tile flooring, or tile on the ceiling?  You name it.  This is a fun trend and definitely affordable! Check out some more awesome pics of some statement piece ideas by clicking on the photo below.



3. Free Standing Tub

The free standing tubs are quickly a growing trend and will continue to grow in 2017.  There are so many options of free standing tubs to choose from. You can go vintage with a claw foot tub, a chic style, or modern stand alone style.

Claw-foot-tub-with-a-subtle-addition-of-contrasting-color Place-the-gorgeous-bathtub-next-to-the-window-to-enjoy-the-refreshing-view-outside


4. Patterned Tile

If you ever watch the hit shows on HGTV like Flip or Flop, or Fixer Upper, The patterned tiled bathrooms are a new trend.  They are a pretty bold choice and are certainly not for everyone.  You can choose a small patterned tile, or something big and bold like the photos below.  Be sure to choose some other styles int he bathroom that are a little less colorful when designing the bathroom.  This will ensure the bathroom doesn’t end up looking to busy.



5.  Three Dimensional Tile

Three demenszonial tile in the shower is the new hot trend for 2017.  There are several options for three dimensional tile going on the market.  You can choose a unique three-dimensional style, or go for a more traditional with a beveled subway tile look!

Three Dimensional Tile




Which 2017 bathroom trend are you looking forward to most??





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